Feb. 23rd, 2012

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Mom and Dad moved us to a school because they thought it was better... They gave us swimming lessons and cycle helmets and self-defense classes and a balanced diet... They promised us five grand on our twenty-first birthdays if we never smoked. And still one of us died.

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And here it is:

At some point in Paul Rudd's career, he made something really funny. I can't remember what it was or when.

But I distinctly remember thinking, "Oh, this guy is funny!"

And so, for years, I have gotten inordinately excited anytime that Paul Rudd has made a movie. I have automatically thought, "This has got to be funny! It has Paul Rudd in it." And yet, every Paul Rudd movie I have seen in recent memory has only been about so-so on the scale of laughs, if even that.

Therefore, I've begun a sort of self-inflicted ban of the watching of Paul Rudd movies on my person.

But memory is a funny thing, and my clearly flawed recollection of that one, forgotten movie continues to prickle at the very back of my brain, so do me this favor: If anyone has seen a Paul Rudd movie, as of late, that is worth watching... Let me know.

Maybe I can rediscover why this whole, weird Paul Rudd thing began for me in the first place.

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I know a gameshow isn't the place to go looking for a shining example of humanity, but still, it really bugs me that so many women on the Game Show Network game Baggage seem to have a phobia against bi-sexual men :/

That show is a guilty pleasure of mine. For those who don't know it, it's a dating show in which three people vie for a date with a man or a woman by revealing more and more uncomfortable secrets about themselves.

I've seen some really good-looking, basically attractive people passed over for some very foolish reasons (like when one girl said she wouldn't date a man because he prays for two hours a day.) But what bothers me the most is when a woman gets a whiff that a man is anything but 100% heterosexual and freaks. On an episode tonight, there was this incredibly hot, really cute and funny guy who (okay, I probably would have rooted for regardless - he's a LOTR fan who loves Europe! - but still) was an easy pick against a guy who admitted he used vacation tickets that his girlfriend had bought him to go on a trip with another woman. And just because he'd once French-kissed a man, the woman turned him down! It reminds me of an older episode on which a woman chose a man who admitted that he's currently cheating on 5 different people over a sexy, well-spoken sportscaster who admitted to flirting with both men and women :p

I can see how it could be an issue for someone, even if I don't think it would be much of one for me. But a bigger issue than whether a man is honest or dishonest, loyal or untrustworthy? Huh. Not as obvious.


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