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I recently joined [community profile] fic_promptly.

My Prompts This Month:

Chuck, Chuck, "Agent Bartowski, you've been officially burned."

Supernatural, any, After a couple of apocalypses, the world finds out about hunters... and they become a sort of celebrity. This is not always a good thing.

Chuck, Team Bartowski, When they retire, their files are all marked R. E. D.

Any, any, "You broke up with me through updating your Facebook status?!"

Any, any, Long after he/she is widowed, he/she keeps forgetting not to mark 'married' on paperwork. Read this.

Chuck, Chuck/Bryce, 'measure twice, cut once'

Any, any, "You're pulling my leg!" "What? No, I'm not."

Any, any, you look like the cat that got the cream

Chuck, Chuck/Sarah, the kiss worked

Chuck, Chuck/Bryce, a drunk/high Intersect is a hilarious sight (a little scary and, if you're a bad guy, deadly, but still hilarious)

Chuck, Chuck, even after he begins using the governor, the Intersect tells Chuck things in his dreams

Criminal Minds/Inception, Reid +or/ Arthur, Spencer's dreams are some of the most complex (and frightening) that Arthur could imagine

White Collar/Chuck, Bryce!Neal, 5 times he made an impossible shot and one time he missed his target

Chuck/Less Than Perfect, Chuck/Kip, vanity

Chuck/Less Than Perfect, What if the Intersect had accidentlly been given to Kip Steadman instead?

Chuck/Shades Of Ray, Ray + any, How would the CIA have responded differently if the Intersect had been sent to Ray instead of Chuck?

White Collar, Neal(/any), Someone working on/with the team wears fedoras and Neal resents the fact; hats are a part of his signature style

Chuck, Chuck/any, Chuck's lover can't resist him when he's all dressed up in spy gear.

Criminal Minds, Reid +or/ any, What does a genius consider "fun"?

Chuck, Chuck/Bryce, pawn

Supernatural, Dean + Sam + Bobby, Dean is Batman, Sam is Robin, and Bobby is Alfred and raised them both

Chuck, dark!Chuck(/any), In the same way that the Intersect Beta turned Hartley into Volkof, the Intersect 2.0 turned Chuck into a deadly superspy with no memory of who he used to be

White Collar, Neal/Peter/Elizabeth, Neal and Peter are the couple and Elizabeth is the con that first Peter and then Neal becomes obsessed with

Chuck, Bryce/Chuck/Sarah, A This Means War (movie) AU: Bryce and Sarah are both in love with a nice, normal civilian... The problem is, they're both in love with the same one!

Criminal Minds, Team + Unsub!Reid, The "Doctor" is the most brilliant and prolific serial killer of all time

Criminal Minds, Hotch/Reid, Reid is a male model who becomes the target of an Unsub; he and Hotch develop sparks while the team is assigned to protect Reid and catch his stalker
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