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My Prompts for February and March of 2012:

Any show where one character is on the run from another/others, any, Where In The World Is Carmen San Diego?

Any show with a narrrator, any, talk show

Any non-medical show, any, medical drama

Any kids' show, any, gritty crime drama

Any, any, gameshow

Any sci-fi or fantasy, any, reality tv

Any serious or dark fandom, any, children's show

Psych, any, gritty police drama

Leverage, team, how-to or self-help reality show

White Collar, any, rom-com

Chuck, any, horror

How I Met Your Mother, gang, spy film

Supernatural, any, rom-com

Any, any, a wolf in sheep's clothing

Any, any, abuse of power

Any, any, assaulted by a loved one's look-alike

Supernatural, Sam +or/ Dean, (Set during an episode where Dean has a doppleganger - a shapeshifter or Leviathan) Sam can't forget what not-Dean said/did

Leverage, Eliot/Hardison, AU where Hardison is a tough-as-nails multi-billionaire and even while the team struggles to try and take him down, Eliot can't help but admire him.

White Collar, Neal, he doesn't resort to violence often, but when he does - like with anything else - he is very, very good at it.

Chuck, Chuck, Chuck gets hooked on Laudanol, and a Chuck with no emotions is a very scary Chuck.

Chuck, any, An Intersect turns Chuck evil and his team and his family have to be protected.

Chuck, Chuck, Chuck's spy training includes how to torture people for information and Chuck is frighteningly good at it.

Twilight, Renesme/Jacob, They move to a town where she and Jacob can attend high school together and that means homework and study sessions

Leverage, Eliot/Parker/Hardison, shopping for things to turn Parker's living space into something resembling a home

Chuck, Ellie + Awesome + Mary, shopping for baby stuff with Grandma is challenging because she judges everything by spy standards (i.e. "Ellie, honey, don't you think you ought to choose something with a secure frequency? Any novice could tap into that." "It's a baby monitor, Mom. They don't make them with 'secure frequencies.'" "We'll see.")

Criminal Minds, Reid +or/ any, Reid has way too much fun playing with strangers' misconceptions about him when they gun shop

Criminal Minds, Hotch/Reid, Hotch loves shopping for presents for Jack with Reid and vice versa because the gits they choose show a lot about them and how close they're becoming

Chuck, Team Bartowski, buying furniture for Castle and their respective homes as a group

Chuck, Chuck/Shaw, hatesex

Chuck, Chuck/Bryce, breathplay

Chuck, Chuck/Sarah, (Set during 'Chuck vs. Sarah') having sex with someone who (she thinks) wants to kill her

Chuck, Chuck/Casey, held down

Chuck, Chuck/Bryce, knifeplay and/or scars

Chuck, Chuck/Casey/Sarah/Bryce, multiple doms with one sub

Any, any, he/she makes his/her lover watch while he/she makes love to someone else

Any, any, mistaking arborvitae for anemone or vice versa

Any, any, lemon blossom

Any, any, lavender can mean either devotion or distrust; it fits their complicated relationship perfectly

Chuck, Chuck/Bryce, acacia, coriander, and forget-me-nots

Chuck, Carmichael Industries, Interoffice memo: "New company policy: from this day forward, no employee is to tackle, taser, or in any other way physically harm a prospective client. Unless you're reeeaally sure that they deserve it."

Chuck, Sarah, After the Intersect, Sarah never retains memories the same way again; she has to keep lists and logs of everything so she doesn't forget herself again.

Chuck, Team B, He left a note in the car: "Following ninjas. Save me some shrimp."

Chuck, any, "If I had a blog, this would be a big entry day for me. Do laundry? Check. Save sister's life? Check. Save self... Last entry."

Chuck, Chuck/Bryce, He and Bryce used to write little notes and draw doodles for one another, and after Stanford Chuck finds some of these that he'd saved.

Chuck, Casey and Morgan, Their shopping list: Fruit Loops, C4, Bengay, Eggs, Pixie Sticks, Hollow Tips, Corndogs, and a new targeting module for the rocket launcher.

Any, any, Note to self: don't leave incrimidating notes to self where others might find them.

Any, any, "To do: fix busted lock, restock armory, bury bodies- You fool! Don't write that down!"

Chuck, Chuck/Bryce, It really bugs Casey when Chuck and Bryce speak Klingon, especially on missions.


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