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Saturday Night Live, Talk Shows, Specials, Etc.

Loved Daniel Radcliffe on SNL :) The "Casey Anthony's Dog" skit was my favorite, but I think Daniel did a great job all the way around. I'm really looking forward to seeing his new movie, "The Woman In Black"... though I've heard that the book it's based upon in several kinds of creepy and depressing.

And speaking of SNL, I don't know why I've suddenly fallen in love with Seth Myers, but I have :D He's always funny hosting the "news" and he was all over the place this week - doing a segment for Betty White's birthday celebration and co-hosting with Kelly Ripa.

On that: I don't generally watch Ripa's show, but I caught Tuesday's broadcast because the beautiful Matthew Bomer appeared :) How cute is Kelly? Matty was charming and graceful, as always, although Kelly totally fangirled the hell out of him. She and Seth make a great comedic team. I hope she has him back sometime - that would definitely tempt me to watch regularly.

Kelly wasn't the only one with great guests this week, though. I missed Craig Ferguson the night last month that Matthew Gray Gubler appeared (though I've since caught up via YouTube)(and how adorable was the Gube, as per us? He's just too sweet and geeky and funny :) but I caught Jimmy Fallon the night Ewan McGregor came on. He's always fun to watch and watching him with Jimmy reminded me why I love Jimmy Fallon as a talk show host. He's like Craig Ferguson in that he's more down-to-earth than the Jays of TV in the way that he chooses his guests and relates to them, but he uses his "clout" (if we want to call it that) to choose guests that other hosts generally don't. I don't know that I've ever seen one of the popular talk shows ask the cast of a PBS show to come and guest :p In other words: Jimmy Fallon is adorable. Mrs. Fallon, you are a lucky gal.

I've already gushed over the awesomeness that was Zachary Levi's bit with Betty White at her birthday :) on LJ so I won't say more, but I will say that this has been more or less a Betty White week for me. She's cute, but also, she was one of my Nanny's favorite actresses, so her growing popularity over the last few years pleases me for nostalgia's sake if for no other reason. I watched her candid camera show, which had a few great bits :p I DVRed GSN's game show marathon on Friday and watched a few Match Game episodes. Match Game is one of the few shows that make me almost think the '70s could have been fun to live through :p Gene Rayburn, Charles Nelson Reilly, Brett Somers, Gary Bergoff, and Richard Dawson (creepy Family Feud kissing aside :p) were so funny! I've never seen a classic episode of M*A*S*H but I want to based upon what I've seen of Gary's adorableness on Match Game alone.

*is incurably geeky*

And speaking of classic shows, here are my thoughts on the favorites in my home and their new episodes:

Criminal Minds

Wow. Loved the episode, though I have some quibbles. Small ones. You know, I'll never shake a stick at a Reid-centric episode :D And I loved a lot of things about this one whole-heartedly... Reid's Reid-like complaint that he could have done something "more" than be an FBI agent... right in front of a fellow FBI agent! The interesting, twist-y case, the complex villain, and (OMGYES) the fact that the villain and Reid have a Sherlock/Moriarty-like battle of the wits for a time.

I would have liked to see a whole lot more of that last thing, actually, and I understand that they had to keep things short to fit it all into one episode... and maybe that's the problem: so much going on at one time that things have to be kept short to get everything in, but my quibble is with some of the dialogue in this ep.

"I can't always explain it," Reid says. Since when does Reid work exclusively off of his "gut" with no logic or Reid-like observations to back it up? :p And while I found Reid's dream of curing schizophrenia both adorable and heartbreaking, I don't buy that his concern over not doing enough with his genius would manifest itself in a "Why the FBI?" kind of way. He's a genius and he's been doing this job for almost a decade. I'm sure he's considered it enough times to have that answer, especially after his struggles with dilaudid. I would think his question would have been more like: "Why just the FBI?" Spencer can multi-task. Even if working for the FBI "just feels right" (another not-quite-Reid-like comment of his in this.) Meh.

White Collar

Well, if Criminal Minds sort-of-though-not-really let me down this week, White Collar stunned me by being better than expected :) Yes, the mid-season premiere was highly anticipated and I looked forward to it, but I didn't realize there would be quite so much to look forward to! The complete shock of an ending, the hints of Neal and Keller's background, Neal's amazing shot (oh, how the Chuck/White Collar crossover bunnies quivered at that!), Peter's more-or-less support of Neal and Neal's more-or-less successful bid to get back in Peter's good graces. But more than anything... Elizabeth and how she continued to be her awesome, resourceful self :D She must be, without a doubt, one of the best female characters created of all time. And her relationship with Peter is one of the few het relationships in movies and television that I've seen and felt no mixed feelings about. Which brings me to...


Whoa. This episode hurt me, with both the magnitude of its awesomeness and the pure, undiluted angst. But I'm not ready to expound on that. For now, I'll just say that Chuck and Sarah weren't always my favorite het couple although I've never been against them either. My reservations mostly came while Sarah was being (I thought) wishy-washy about the Chuck being a spy issue. (i.e. First she shunned him because she thought he'd killed someone; then he killed someone who was trying to kill her so suddenly it was okay.) Rough patches are only natural in a relationship, though (don't I know it) and I think Chuck and Sarah have evolved into this very natural, beautiful, amazing couple. I adore them together with every fiber of my being! And if Chuck can't be with Bryce :p Than he'd better be getting a happily-ever-after with Sarah, damn it! The show definitely picked a convincing threat/danger for this last bit of the season (series! *grieves*) Because even if they get Sarah back alive... if they can't fix her, then all of that is gone. She's not Sarah anymore. Which is ironic because while I don't think it ever occurred to Chuck that Sarah losing herself could be a concern, Sarah's worst fear has always been that Chuck would lose himself and thereby end them.

*crosses fingers and hopes*

Come on, next Friday! I need you!


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