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A Scene From The Capitol - Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Peeta Mellark/Finnick Odair

Once Conquered - Chuck, Chuck/Bryce [Warning: dubcon]

Preferences - Chuck, Chuck/Bryce
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My Entries for this year's PB:

Comfort - Common Law, Travis Marks/Wes Mitchell

Evil Geniuses and Their Desks - Breaking In/Smallville, Cameron Price/Lex Luthor

Lim(b)o Sex - Chuck/White Collar, Chuck Bartowski/Neal Caffrey

Masterful - Chuck/White Collar, Chuck Bartowski/Bryce Larkin/Neal Caffrey

Not Just Bros Helping Bros - Glee, Blaine Anderson/Sam Evans

On Canvas Or On Film - White Collar, Elizabeth Burke/Neal Caffrey/Peter Burke

Rude (But Sexy) Awakening - Chuck, Chuck/Bryce

Stroke of Genius - Chuck RPS, Matthew Bomer/Zachary Levi

Things We Lost In The Fire - Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Haymitch Abernathy/Peeta Mellark/Katniss Everdeen

All of these can be found on AO3.
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Psych is back! :D Hurray! A bright spot on USA network television, with White Collar ending its Fall season this week. How I love the boys when they banter and Pierre Desperaux :p
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You once thought of me as a white knight on his
Now you know how happy I can be
Oh, and our good time starts and ends...

Davy Jones was my favorite Monkee. And my first crush :p Yes, he was just slightly before my time but I grew up watching The Monkees in syndication and listening to my parents' records, of which "Barrell Full of Monkees" and "The Birds, the Bees and the Monkees" were just two. Thus began my love of all things British and boyish brunettes with nice voices. I actually got into Star Trek because Walter Koenig reminded me just enough of Davy to catch my eye before watching the show revealed other things that kept it. Did you know that, at one time, The Monkees sold more albums than The Beatles and The Rolling Stones combined? They were the first boyband and a construct like Big Time Rush who managed to make themselves real.

If you haven't heard, Davy Jones died of a heart attack yesterday, at 66 years-old. I don't really have a lot of words about it, just love for that man and prayers for him and his family.
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I know a gameshow isn't the place to go looking for a shining example of humanity, but still, it really bugs me that so many women on the Game Show Network game Baggage seem to have a phobia against bi-sexual men :/

That show is a guilty pleasure of mine. For those who don't know it, it's a dating show in which three people vie for a date with a man or a woman by revealing more and more uncomfortable secrets about themselves.

I've seen some really good-looking, basically attractive people passed over for some very foolish reasons (like when one girl said she wouldn't date a man because he prays for two hours a day.) But what bothers me the most is when a woman gets a whiff that a man is anything but 100% heterosexual and freaks. On an episode tonight, there was this incredibly hot, really cute and funny guy who (okay, I probably would have rooted for regardless - he's a LOTR fan who loves Europe! - but still) was an easy pick against a guy who admitted he used vacation tickets that his girlfriend had bought him to go on a trip with another woman. And just because he'd once French-kissed a man, the woman turned him down! It reminds me of an older episode on which a woman chose a man who admitted that he's currently cheating on 5 different people over a sexy, well-spoken sportscaster who admitted to flirting with both men and women :p

I can see how it could be an issue for someone, even if I don't think it would be much of one for me. But a bigger issue than whether a man is honest or dishonest, loyal or untrustworthy? Huh. Not as obvious.
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And here it is:

At some point in Paul Rudd's career, he made something really funny. I can't remember what it was or when.

But I distinctly remember thinking, "Oh, this guy is funny!"

And so, for years, I have gotten inordinately excited anytime that Paul Rudd has made a movie. I have automatically thought, "This has got to be funny! It has Paul Rudd in it." And yet, every Paul Rudd movie I have seen in recent memory has only been about so-so on the scale of laughs, if even that.

Therefore, I've begun a sort of self-inflicted ban of the watching of Paul Rudd movies on my person.

But memory is a funny thing, and my clearly flawed recollection of that one, forgotten movie continues to prickle at the very back of my brain, so do me this favor: If anyone has seen a Paul Rudd movie, as of late, that is worth watching... Let me know.

Maybe I can rediscover why this whole, weird Paul Rudd thing began for me in the first place.

/unapologetically strange rumination
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Mom and Dad moved us to a school because they thought it was better... They gave us swimming lessons and cycle helmets and self-defense classes and a balanced diet... They promised us five grand on our twenty-first birthdays if we never smoked. And still one of us died.

My comments on Jenny Valentine's  )
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Have you all heard that Matthew Bomer officially "came out" in a 'thank you' speech Saturday?

It was a simple, but sweet, speech and as much as I understand Matt's choice to keep Simon Halls and their kids out of the limelight before now, I think this was the perfect time for him to acknowledge them. The more celebrity Matt gains, the more difficult keeping at least the most basic details of his life in the dark is going to become.

I just hope that the White Collar folks' attitude reflects that of the show's treatment of the Diana character and Matt will get the props he deserves from his coworkers.
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Title: I Imagine That 'Yes' Is the Only Living Thing
Fandom: Chuck
Pairings: Chuck/Ellie, Chuck/Ellie/Sarah
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: incest (obviously), bisexuality (which I don't consider deserving a warning, fyi, but for the folks who do...)
Summary: Chuck's most secret and most shameful fantasies have always been about Ellie.
Author's Note: I know. IknowIknowIknow. This is dirtybadwrong. Ahem. I wrote it anyway.

It stands to reason then that Chuck would fantasize about Sarah and Ellie... )
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Actually, it's something a lot more complex and lovely than that. I read Jenny Valentine's Me, the Missing, and the Dead and I've written a few words below, for anyone interested.

'I met Violet after she died. But it didn't stop me from getting to know her.' )
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For those who want to know, Alan Sipenwall is posting a different segment of a restrospective interview with Chuck creators Chris Fedak and Josh Schwartz every day this week, in anticipation of the Chuck *sniffles* series finale.

You can find the first post here.

There's lots of great stuff here, including fun bro-like bantering between Fedak and Schwartz, behind-the-scenes revealations about the show that I hadn't heard in an interview before, and the kind and appreciative tone that is always present in Sipenwall's discussions of my favorite genre-masher :)

Go give Alan an ear. Love, grieve and enjoy.
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I hesitate to even begin a dialogue about hypocritical old rich guys, but I have to say it: if Newt Gingrinch somehow gets far enough in the race for GOP candidate to face off against Obama, I will lose what respect I currently have for the so-called "Conservative" Republican party. There is something to be said for separating a person's personal life from his professional life, but if you're going to lead the free world, the standards of behavior have to be a little bit higher for you. And even if they aren't, it's one thing to call yourself a free-thinking liberal and privately shuck the constraints of a traditional, monogomous relationship. It's another to call yourself a "brilliant Conservative", to sell yourself as such and then privately do the same. Newt can call criticisms of his personal behavior "pious balogna" if he wants; I call them common sense observations. And the day our government stops telling us who can marry whom... that will be the day when Newt can say that his personal life isn't fair game in a race about politics. I have never much respected Conservatives who claim to oppose gay marriage because of it's "threat" to the American family, and I certainly won't be voting for a man who thinks that the nice gay couple down the street should be told to cease and desist but that his own philandering does nothing to harm the institution of marriage.

*wants to strangle a rich white guy*

Also, am I the only one who still wants Obama to be our president?

*puts away soapbox*
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Hello, dreamwidth. Nice to meet you. If you know me on LJ and want to friend me here, be my guest. Drop a line so I can return the favor.


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